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    RetroWave ™ Speaker

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    "Es hermoso 😍 mejor de lo que esperaba, trae cuatro modos de luz en donde uno de ellos es para apagar la luz en caso de que moleste, además también incluye cuatro sonidos ambientales que se activan al presionar el botón del lado derecho. La luz que proyecta en un lugar oscuro parece como si fueran olas de mar. Simplemente se me hizo muy lindo. Recomiendo 💖"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Kimberly E.

     ✅Verified Buyer


    Your space is constantly filled with various noises that prevent you from relaxing and finding peace. You can't find any way to rest in your room as every corner is occupied by street or neighbor noises. This not only disturbs your rest, but it can also cause constant stress and dissatisfaction.

    Introducing the RetroWave ™ Speaker  Portable Vintage Bluetooth Speaker. This unique device combines classic design and modern technology to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Enjoy high-quality sound and soothing noises that will help you find inner peace and regain your strength.





    ✅ NATURAL SLEEP AID SOUND: Choose from a variety of soothing sounds, such as gentle fire, ocean waves, streams, or summer ambiance, to create a relaxing environment for a peaceful sleep. These sounds will help you fall asleep quickly and enjoy a quality rest.

    360-DEGREE SURROUND SOUND: Ensures even sound distribution throughout the room, creating a vibrant listening experience. You will enjoy excellent sound quality no matter where you are in the room.



    ✅RETRO RECORD PLAYER DESIGN: Brings back the classic charm of vinyl records while incorporating modern features. This design gives your space a stylish and elegant look.

    ✅SEASIDE SERENITY: Enjoy the therapeutic effect of ocean sounds, transporting you to serene shores with the touch of a button. Use it as a desktop ornament that also serves as a clock or decorative accent, adding sophistication to your interior.



    ✅ROMANTIC LIGHT EFFECTS: Choose from 2 lighting modes, including soft RGB color transitions or a warm, glowing ambiance, to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. These effects add a special charm to your evening.

    ✅ BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly and enjoy your favorite music with exceptional sound quality. This allows you to easily control music playback and enjoy the freedom of movement.

    This set of features makes the RetroWave ™ Speaker the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their space while enjoying high-quality sound and creating a cozy atmosphere.



    We understand how important it is to have a quiet and peaceful space for rest after a long day. It’s often hard to find a place where you can restore your energy without being distracted by external irritants. According to recent studies, regular rest in a calm environment can significantly improve overall well-being and reduce stress levels.

    This product is perfect for you if you are looking for a way to create a peaceful space for relaxation. The Mini Retro White Noise Bluetooth Speaker will not only help you fall asleep but also create an atmosphere that promotes your physical and emotional health. Experience a new level of comfort and tranquility with our product, designed for your well-being.





    Material Plastic

    Size when closed - 142X153X67mm

    Versión de bluetooth - 5.0

    Potencia de entrada (W) - <25 W

    Playback Function - MP3

    Audio Crossover - Full-Range

    Communication - bluetooth



    At Hola Trend we believe in the quality and results of our products, therefore we offer a 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee! When you purchase from us, there is absolutely ZERO risk for you! 

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    RetroWave ™ Speaker

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Gia Doyle

    It has very beautiful colors I thought it was going to be very small but it is not like that, it has a good sound level

    Josue Bernhard

    It is very beautiful, it fulfills its function. The color is also cute, the horn sounds great and the lights illuminate the ceiling very beautifully.

    Damien Schroeder

    RetroWave ™ Speaker

    Kailey Kshlerin

    It did not come with box, but it came very well packed! The instructions all came in English and are quite easy to understand. I tested it and it's working perfectly. When you call, if you decide not to put on any music, there is a very relaxing sound of sea. Shines in various shades and makes like an Aurora Boreal on the ceiling. His sound is very loud. When I bought I was not taxed :)

    Keven Paucek

    Very beautiful!! Might be smaller than I expected, but personally it's better since it's almost close to being a portable speaker. The white noise feature is quite nice as well.

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