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    GreenHaven ™ Display

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    "I purchased this in February as I needed a little bit of “color” in my life in the dead of winter. It’s a simple design of 5 test tubes in a small wooden frame used to propagate plants. I filled the test tubes with real flowers to have a pop of nature in my home in winter. Just seeing the real flowers eased my seasonal affective disorder a bit. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I put some fake flowers in the tubes. It just looks pretty on my cabinet and makes me smile every time I see it 🌸😊🌷"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Patricia S.

      ✅Verified Buyer

    You are passionate about plant propagation and want to decorate your home with natural elements. However, traditional vases and pots take up a lot of space, and jars and glasses have an unattractive appearance and do not always allow you to observe the root growth process. This can create inconvenience, clutter the space, and limit your ability to fully enjoy the beauty of your plants.

    The GreenHaven ™  Glass Planter Ins Terrarium Container Flower Bud Vase with Wooden Test Tube Holder is the perfect solution for you. This stylish and compact set allows you to place plants vertically, freeing up space and allowing you to observe their growth. Enjoy the pleasure of admiring nature at any time while decorating your home with elegant and functional decor.




    ✅ PROPAGATION AND CUTTINGS: The wall-mounted glass vase provides ample space for plant roots, allowing you to observe their growth. This adds the satisfaction of watching the natural process of plant development in your home.

    ✅ UNIQUE DESIGN: The simple and elegant style of the test tube holder suits any interior. The three-tiered wooden stand with 8 tubes maximizes space and adds charm to your home.



    ✅ FUNCTIONAL DECOR: The minimalist look is suitable for most plant cuttings, such as pothos, lucky bamboo, African violets, and more. Your plants will look even more attractive if you fill the tubes with colored water or add decorative stones.

    ✅ DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: High-quality materials ensure the longevity and reliability of the product. Enjoy the pleasure of owning a stylish and durable vase that will serve you for many years.



    ✅ SPACE SAVING: The wall-mounted design frees up windowsills and tables, allowing you to use them for other needs. This is the perfect choice for small spaces such as dormitories, kitchens, and bedrooms.



    We understand how important it is to be able to grow plants at home without cluttering the space. Often, regular pots take up too much space on windowsills and tables, leaving you unable to enjoy a clean, stylish, and organized space. Studies show that observing plants can reduce stress levels and improve mood, but only when they do not create clutter.

    The  GreenHaven ™ Wall Hanging Glass Planter Ins Terrarium is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their space organized and enjoy the beauty of plants. This product allows you to grow various plants, including pothos, bamboo, African violets, and more, in a stylish and convenient format. Enjoy an organized space and the beauty of nature simultaneously, making your home even more attractive.




    Material: Glass & Cryst

    Size of one section: 4,5X10X20cm

    Style: Pastoral Style 

    Function: Wall Vase

    Model Number: Wall Hanging Glass Planter

    Color: Clear/transparent, wood

    Style: Boho chic, vintage, Ins, simplicity, rural


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    GreenHaven ™ Display

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Rhea Bednar

    I loved the product super well, as it is in the photo arrived, the fast requests that have come to me

    Reva Crona


    Tate Casper

    Is perfect. I arrived very well packed, all very safe

    Kaylee Beatty

    Is as the description, it comes all very well wrapped in a very safe box. I love

    Anita Blanda

    Great quality, fast delivery, safe packaging, recommended!

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