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    SwiftBrush Pro™

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    "I usually hand wash my makeup brushes which can take a while to get them totally clean. This little guy, I am very happy with how clean my brushes came with minimal effort. I have thick handled brushes so they didn't fit in the lid but holding them worked great."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Crystal E.

    ✅Verified Buyer


    Are you a makeup enthusiast still scrubbing your makeup brushes by hand on a cleaning mat? Using an old-fashioned makeup brush cleaner not only consumes a lot of time but also requires effort that could be spent on other tasks. This can lead to frustration and fatigue, and decreases the effectiveness of your brush care routine.

    The SwiftBrush Pro™ Makeup Brush Cleaner solves this problem! This automatic brush cleaner simultaneously cleans multiple makeup brushes of various sizes. It ensures easy and thorough cleaning of all your brushes, from small eyeshadow brushes to large foundation brushes. Enjoy perfectly clean brushes without the hassle.





    TIME AND EFFORT SAVING: The SwiftBrush Pro™ Makeup Brush Cleaner automatically cleans multiple brushes at once. This allows you to spend more time creating stunning makeup looks instead of manually cleaning your brushes.

    ✅LARGE CAPACITY: The cleaner has a large capacity and works with almost all brush sizes. This means you can clean all your brushes, from small to large, with ease.



    DEEP CLEANING: Brushly Pro provides powerful cleaning, removing makeup residue, oil, and dirt. Your brushes will be spotlessly clean, enhancing the quality of your makeup application.

    ✅EASE OF USE: The automatic brush cleaner is USB-powered and very easy to use. Simply add water and cleaning solution, press the switch, and it’s ready to go. After cleaning, turn the silicone cap upside down to dry or store your brushes.



    PERFECT GIFT: This brush cleaner is an ideal gift for women who care about their skin health, family members, professional makeup artists, and makeup enthusiasts. It makes the process of cleaning brushes fast and easy.

    ✅COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Brushly Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner is compact and portable, allowing you to take it with you while traveling. You can always maintain clean brushes no matter where you are.



    ✅MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: Not only does Brushly Pro clean your brushes, but it also serves as a drying and storage device. After deep cleaning, simply turn the silicone cap upside down to air dry the brushes, or use it as a holder to keep your brushes organized and ready for the next use.


    We understand how important it is for you to keep your makeup tools clean. Constant manual cleaning of brushes can be exhausting and often ineffective. Imagine the hassle of dealing with makeup residue and dirt every time you want to quickly clean your brushes.

    SwiftBrush Pro™ Makeup Brush Cleaner is the perfect choice for those who care about their brush cleanliness. It ensures deep cleaning while preserving the shape and quality of your brushes. Forget long hours of manual cleaning and enjoy impeccably clean brushes effortlessly.





    Product name - Electric makeup brush cleaner

    Power - 8W

    Voltage -  5V 2A

    Size - 160x90mm

    Motor - 7000rpm

    Feature - Sonic vibration deep cleaning, Makeup Brush Storage

    Package Include: 1* Electric makeup brush cleaner, 1* USB cable, 1* Instruction manual


    At Hola Trend we believe in the quality and results of our products, therefore we offer a 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee! When you purchase from us, there is absolutely ZERO risk for you! 

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    SwiftBrush Pro™

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Stacy Kunze

    Fast Shipping and exactly as described. Had to try several usb adaptor until it got enough wattage to power the machine. If sold with the adaptor, I recommend you to buy the set with the adaptor to save trouble.

    Maximus Walker

    I arrived 4 days before, happy but still need to taste, well packaged.

    Gilda Sawayn

    I still don't try it, I hope it serves well, I crush packaging

    Laisha Bruen

    I still don't taste it but it arrived in excellent condition. Well packed

    Clementina Bartell

    Good product, if you choose a good brush cleaner

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